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Border guards deny fakes on mining Hungary border

Border guards deny fakes on mining Hungary border Border guards denied the fake about mining the border with Hungary (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Fake news about the alleged mining of the border with Hungary is being spread online. Ukrainian border guards deny this information on the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine's Telegram.

The video of a person in a military uniform with his face covered calling himself a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to spread online. The unidentified person claims to be mining areas near the border of Ukraine and Hungary, allegedly on orders.

The State Border Guard Service emphasizes that the fake video is being posted online with the thesis that the border is being mined to allegedly stop violators or Hungarian troops.

"Information about mining the border with Hungary does not correspond to reality and is fake," the border guards emphasize.

Ukrainians are asked not to spread false messages and to analyze the information consciously.

Protecting the border

It should be reminded that the Ukrainian military does mine the border but near Russia and Belarus. In this way, the defenders fortify the border areas by laying mines, building fortifications, and digging trenches. In the event of a repeated attack by the aggressor countries, this will help stop the enemy.

Earlier, SBGS spokesperson Andrii Demchenko said that the situation on the border with Belarus remains under control. Border guards showed how the border is being protected. All checkpoints were mined.