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Blinken spoke about US aid to Ukraine in defending against cyber attacks

Blinken spoke about US aid to Ukraine in defending against cyber attacks Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State (photo: Getty Images)

The US, along with partner countries, has strengthened the protection of digital networks in Ukraine in response to cyberattacks from Russia, which have significantly increased since the start of the large-scale invasion, states US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Speaking at the RSA conference on cybersecurity in San Francisco, the American official noted that when Russia began its aggressive war, the Russian Federation subjected Ukraine's infrastructure to the pressure of cyberattacks.

"We helped them strengthen their networks, move important state data to the cloud, and increase the resilience of national communications, and other critical infrastructure," explained Blinken.

The US Secretary of State emphasized that Washington advocates for scaling up the experience of protecting Ukrainian networks worldwide.

He also announced the National Cybersecurity Strategy, which involves joint efforts with allied countries to combat cyber threats. In this context, Blinken highlighted the significant role of the cybersecurity community as partners in the technical competition effort.

"And this is important for promoting the development of a more democratic world, where the rule of law is respected, and where dictators and aggressors are held accountable," added the American official.

US cyber strategy

Last year in May, the US Department of Defense developed a new strategy for the cyber domain. It took into account the lessons from the war of Russia against Ukraine, and the consolidation of recommendations aimed at using cyber operations to deter adversaries.

The US document on cybersecurity strategy sharply criticizes Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, particularly for their support of persistent hacking and espionage campaigns.

Additionally, in early May of this year, Fox News reported that the US State Department insists that China and Russia declare that only humans, not artificial intelligence, will make decisions regarding the use of nuclear weapons.