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US wants Russia and China to exclude use of AI for nuclear weapons control

US wants Russia and China to exclude use of AI for nuclear weapons control Russian nuclear weapons (photo: Getty Images)

The US State Department insists that China and Russia declare that only humans, not artificial intelligence, will make decisions regarding the use of nuclear weapons, according to Fox News.

During a press briefing, Paul Dean, a representative of the US State Department's Bureau of Arms Control, stated that the US has taken a very clear and firm commitment that in cases of nuclear weapon use, the decision will be made only by a human.

"We would never defer a decision on nuclear employment to AI. We strongly stand by that statement and we’ve made it publicly with our colleagues in the UK and France," he said.

"We would welcome a similar statement by China and the Russian Federation," Dean added, noting that "we think it’s an extremely important norm of responsible behavior."

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi discussed risks and security of artificial intelligence during a meeting last Friday in Beijing.

According to Dean, the US, and 54 countries, excluding China and Russia, have endorsed a political declaration on responsible military use of artificial intelligence, which will ensure no accountability gaps in the use of artificial intelligence in the military and guarantee that applications are developed and used by strict technical specifications, with some built-in designs to ensure availability of warranties and responsible use of technology.

Recently, Russia vetoed a UN resolution calling for the prevention of an arms race in outer space.

AI in the military sphere

Recently, CNN reported that the US is investigating information that the Israeli military is using artificial intelligence to determine bombing targets in the Gaza sector.

This report preceded an incident where IDF troops attacked a column of the humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen from a drone. Seven mission workers were killed. The Israeli army claimed a mistaken identification of the target.