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Be careful: List of 12 spy Android apps

Be careful: List of 12 spy Android apps Spyware applications found on Android (photo: Unsplash)

Cybersecurity researchers found 12 malicious programs in Google Play on Android at once, most of which pretend to be communication applications, reports TechRadar.

What is known about malware

Researchers have discovered that attackers use social networks to distribute malicious applications. They create fake accounts using pictures of attractive people to make acquaintances with different users. In the course of short conversations, they offer to switch to communication through messengers.

Malicious programs

  • Private Talk
  • MeetMe
  • Let's Chat
  • Quick Chat
  • Kindness
  • Chit Chat
  • YohooTalk
  • TikTalk
  • Hello Chat
  • Nest
  • GlowChat
  • Wave Chat

All these seemingly functional programs are spying on users in the background. They also contain code for the VajraSpy remote access trojan, which was developed by the Patchwork hacking group.

This virus can steal contact lists, files, call logs, and even text messages. Some variants can intercept messages from WhatsApp and Signal messengers, as well as record phone calls and take pictures using the device's camera.

Although Google has already removed these apps from its app store, they are still available for downloading from third-party stores and malicious websites. Experts recommend that users who have already downloaded them uninstall the apps and perform a full wipe of their smartphones to ensure safety.