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Basic forecast: Ukrainians may face 12-hour power cuts in winter

Basic forecast: Ukrainians may face 12-hour power cuts in winter Photo: Ukrainians can be without electricity for 12 hours a day in winter (Getty Images)

Power outages in Ukraine this winter could last up to 12 hours. This is the basic forecast, and the situation could either improve or worsen, informs the CEO of the energy company Yasno, Serhii Kovalenko.

He noted that realistic forecasts for winter need to be made by late August. This requires first predicting deficits and understanding probable consumption and generation levels.

Kovalenko explained that currently, some units of nuclear power plants are undergoing maintenance. However, they will be operational in the fall, increasing electricity production. Repairs are also underway at hydroelectric and thermal power stations.

The CEO of Yasno suggested that generation would increase by autumn, barring shelling incidents that could alter predictions. Nevertheless, electricity consumption peaks during winter.

"My basic forecast is a 30-35% deficit in the energy system. What does this mean for consumers? If critical infrastructure is repaired and then remaining supplies are distributed, consumers could face a 50% deficit. Therefore, the basic forecast is 12 hours without electricity," said Kovalenko.

He added that the situation could worsen if damaged capacities aren't restored and agreements for imports aren't reached. Conversely, improvements could occur if all planned repairs are completed and weather conditions are favorable.

Situation with electricity in Ukraine

Due to Russian attacks, several thermal power stations in Ukraine, including Zmiiv near Kharkiv and Trypillia in the Kyiv region, have been destroyed. Recently, the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration announced that the Burshtyn thermal power station also cannot be restored after enemy shelling.

Additionally, Russian forces targeted distribution networks in Ukraine, leading energy providers to implement restrictions.

According to Ukrenergo, power outages will be scheduled throughout Ukraine for the entire day.