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Australia explains rejection of Ukraine's coal request

Australia explains rejection of Ukraine's coal request Photo: Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (Getty Images)

Ukraine asked Australia to provide coal as aid and once got 80,000 tons of fuel. However, when Kyiv requested coal for the second time, Canberra refused to do so, writes 3AW.

Australia supplied Ukraine with coal before

In particular, the Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese said that in 2022, Australia had already sent about 80,000 tons of coal to Ukraine, having spent $20 million.

At the end of last year, Ukraine again turned to Australia for similar help, but the Prime Minister decided to support Kyiv financially allocating about 32.5 million dollars.

Why Australia refused to hand over coal

According to Albanese, Australia chose not to transfer a new batch of coal to Ukraine, citing the distance between the two countries and suggesting that Ukraine may find its energy resources more locally accessible.

He emphasized that Australia exports its coal to its closest neighbors, namely India and China.

The Prime Minister also underscored Australia's significant contribution as one of the largest donors to Ukraine, even in the absence of coal supplies, particularly among non-North Atlantic Alliance states​​​​​.

Albanese said that Ukraine can decide for itself what needs to spend the money transferred to Australia. Kyiv will decide whether to buy him weapons or energy resources.

Albanese highlighted that Ukraine has the autonomy to allocate the funds transferred from Australia as it sees fit. Kyiv will determine whether to invest in weaponry or energy resources.

Australia's assistance to Ukraine

Even though Australia is far from Ukraine, it helps Ukrainians and condemns the Russian invasion. Canberra provided military and financial aid and sent instructors to train the Ukrainian military.

Australian mining tycoon and philanthropist Andrew Forrest and his ex-wife Nicola have allocated 5 million Australian dollars through their Minderoo foundation to help demining agricultural areas of Ukraine.

Recently, Australia has allocated more than 32 million dollars in financial assistance to support the defense of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Myroshnychenko, said that Canberra should change its approach to helping Ukraine and provide it with Abrams tanks, as well as money.