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Abrams tanks and more: Ambassador urges Australia to increase aid to Ukraine

Abrams tanks and more: Ambassador urges Australia to increase aid to Ukraine Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Australia needs to change its approach in aiding Ukraine and provide it with Abrams tanks, as well as money, says Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia Vasyl Myroshnychenko.

It is stated that the ambassador and the head of the organization representing Ukrainians throughout Australia held a presentation for key representatives of the Australian Ministry of Defense.

"Yes, at this rate we can slowly keep going. But is that acceptable? For how many years should this war drag on?" questioned Myroshnychenko.

He also said that Ukraine needs more diverse assistance to end the war and repel Russia's invasion. According to him, simply holding on is not enough.

The Australian Ministry of Defense is not providing enough assistance to Ukraine. Co-chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations, Kateryna Argyrou, also insisted on non-material assistance.

The material wrote that Argyrou, who was pregnant, noted that she left her prescribed bed rest in Sydney and went to Canberra for this event.

Argyrou said it would be better if Ukraine conducted its own risk assessment rather than relying on the Australian Ministry of Defense.

"From my last two years of work advocating for more military aid for Ukraine, it is evident that the biggest hand brake is hesitancy in the Department of Defense," she said.

The Ukrainian community in Australia is ready to help. She called on Australia to adopt what she called a "whole-of-government" approach to providing assistance to Ukraine.

"Please consider those requests because they are desperately needed and they literally go towards saving lives," Argyrou said.

She said the Ukrainian community in Australia, which numbers over 55,000 people, would do everything possible to raise funds for any additional assistance needed to transport any equipment gifted by Australia or repair it.

The Minister of Defense of Australia may visit Ukraine

According to a government information bulletin, by the end of 2023, Australia had donated 910 million Australian dollars to Ukraine as general assistance, of which 730 million Australian dollars were considered military support.

The Ukrainian ambassador directly nudged Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles, noting that he would like to visit Ukraine.

"I know that he’s interested in doing that. He told me that a long time ago, and we hope that there will be an opportunity to visit the country," Myroshnychenko said in front of Marles.

Ukraine expects to receive tanks from Australia

The article indicates that Ukraine has made it clear that it is interested in purchasing outdated Australian Abrams tanks.

The ambassador confirmed hopes that they would receive the entire fleet of Abrams tanks that were to be replaced.

Earlier, Australia decided to decommission its entire fleet of Taipan helicopters. Ukraine requested that they be transferred to them, but they were denied.

Australia's assistance

Despite being far from Ukraine, Australia helps Ukrainians and condemns Russian aggression. Canberra has provided military and financial assistance, sending instructors to train Ukrainian military personnel.

Australian mining magnate and philanthropist Andrew Forrest and his ex-wife Nicola allocated 5 million Australian dollars through their Minderoo Foundation to support demining efforts in agricultural areas of Ukraine.

Recently, Australia has provided financial assistance to support Ukraine's defense, amounting to over 32 million dollars.