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Attack on Kyivstar, Zelenskyy's meeting with Biden and U.S. aid - Tuesday brief

Attack on Kyivstar, Zelenskyy's meeting with Biden and U.S. aid - Tuesday brief Photo: Collage by RBC-Ukraine

Yesterday, December 12, 2023, the services of the largest Kyivstar operator were attacked by hackers, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with his counterpart Joe Biden, and the United States allocated an aid package to Ukraine.

For more details on what happened on Tuesday, December 12, refer to the material by RBC-Ukraine.

Russia's war against Ukraine: Latest news

Cyberattack on Kyivstar: Security Service opens case, Russian involvement not ruled out

Kyivstar, Ukraine's largest mobile operator, does not provide daily services. Officially, the network has been attacked by hackers, a case has been opened under eight articles, there are problems with ATMs and POS terminals, and the air raid warning system has gone down in many cities.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has opened a criminal case regarding a cyber attack on one of the national mobile communication operators, Kyivstar (the largest mobile operator in Ukraine). Law enforcement officials suggest that the aggressor country may be behind the attack, according to the SSU press service in a comment to the media.

Zelenskyy arrives at Biden's White House: Initial details

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has arrived at the White House to hold talks with American leader Joe Biden.

American journalists have released a video of Zelenskyy's arrival at the White House. According to the journalists, Zelenskyy is accompanied by the Ukrainian Ambassador Oksana Markarova, Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak, and Minister of Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamyshin.

Following the negotiations, the Presidents of Ukraine and the U.S. will hold a press conference for journalists.

Among the key negotiation topics will be the continuation of defense cooperation between Ukraine and the U.S., specifically joint projects on arms production and air defense systems, along with coordinating efforts between Zelenskyy and Biden for the upcoming year.

Biden allocates $200 million in aid to Ukraine

The United States today, on December 12th, allocated $200 million in aid to Ukraine, according to a statement by U.S. President Joe Biden.

The New York Times reports that sitting next to Zelenskyy in the Oval Office, Biden opened their meeting with the words, "We stand at a real inflection point in history."

Biden has added that Congress needs to pass additional funds to assist Ukraine.

UAF recaptured one of the spoil heaps in Horlivka and seized enemy positions - Zelenskyy

Ukrainian forces have successfully repelled occupiers from one of the strongholds near Horlivka in the Donetsk region. The soldiers also managed to capture enemy positions, according to Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"Despite challenging conditions, we retook one of the strongholds in the Horlivka area and seized enemy positions. Now, our flag proudly flies over the stronghold. Horlivka is Ukraine! Donbas is Ukraine!" wrote Zelenskyy.

The head of the state also commended the soldiers who achieved such success.

"Our heroes are the assault group of the 24th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after King Danylo, the royal brigade," said the president.

Biden warns of Putin's plans to target Ukrainian energy infrastructure

The President of the United States has revealed plans by the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to shell Ukrainian energy facilities, according to the broadcast of Biden's meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the White House.

According to the American leader, the Kremlin head plans to strike Ukrainian power grids this winter.

"We mustn’t let him succeed," added Biden.

In turn, Zelenskyy noted his intention to strengthen Ukraine's air defense.

"Ukraine can win," emphasized the Ukrainian President.

Since the start of winter, the Russians have attempted multiple drone and missile attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.