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Assistance to Ukraine: Japanese Foreign Minister discusses long-term support

Assistance to Ukraine: Japanese Foreign Minister discusses long-term support Photo: Yoko Kamikawa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan (

Japan intends to garner support from the private sector to continue providing long-term assistance to Ukraine, which is facing widespread military aggression from Russia, stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Yoko Kamikawa in her interview with NHK.

According to the head of the foreign diplomatic department, the involvement of the private sector is "is essential to help restore and reconstruct Ukraine."

As stated by Kamikawa on the eve of the Japanese-Ukrainian conference on promoting economic growth and reconstruction, scheduled to take place in Tokyo on February 18, achieving these goals will be a long-term effort aimed at rebuilding the country and providing means for its people to exist.

The Japanese Foreign Minister pledged that Tokyo would consistently make efforts, encompassing various sectors.

Kamikawa also spoke about incorporating the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) concept into reconstruction plans. This project emphasizes the active participation of women in conflict prevention and peace-building efforts.

It is also noted that at the Tokyo conference, the prime ministers of Ukraine and Japan, Denys Shmyhal and Kishida Fumio, will join representatives from around 130 companies from both countries. They will discuss plans for bilateral cooperation in seven areas, including agriculture and infrastructure.

Assistance to Ukraine from Japan

It was previously reported that, according to Masato Kandi, the Deputy Minister of Finance of Japan for International Affairs, the country will continue to provide timely budgetary support to Ukraine.

Additionally, it was mentioned earlier that Japan will transfer equipment to Ukraine to aid the energy sector.

On February 16, it was announced that the State Budget of Ukraine received a portion of the grant funds amounting to $49.4 million from the government of Japan within the framework of the World Bank project Housing Repairs for Restoring Rights and Opportunities for People (HOPE).

It is also worth noting that a conference dedicated to the economic recovery of Ukraine will take place in Tokyo, with the participation of over 30 Ukrainian companies.