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Armed Forces spoke about tactics of Russian troops in Bakhmut direction

Armed Forces spoke about tactics of Russian troops in Bakhmut direction Photo: The Russian Federation throws the mobilized to the assaults in the Bakhmut direction (Getty Images)

Russian forces continue to assault positions held by Ukrainian forces in the Bakhmut direction. Specifically, the enemy is deploying mobilized units for assaults, while the Russian troops prioritize preserving their equipment over infantry, according to Oleg Kalashnikov, an officer of the press service of the 26th Artillery Brigade named after Roman Dashkevych.

Russian tactics in the Bakhmut area

"A significant number of Russian units are composed of mobilized individuals who may no longer undergo training in centers but are simply thrown into the combat zone, thrown into assaults, with them being at the forefront," he said.

Furthermore, according to him, if they manage to establish themselves somewhere, more experienced soldiers with combat experience are then deployed.

"And they begin to dig trenches and create a line of fire. Their propaganda works, minds are being washed. And they really believe that it is better to die than to be captured," the spokesman noted.

He added that the enemy continues to spare no effort in utilizing its personnel to the maximum during assaults, "of course, using mechanized units, but preserving them more."

Use of UAVs and artillery

Overall, as noted by Kalashnikov, the enemy seeks to use UAVs more frequently and actively because their artillery shots are not as effective as they would like them to be.

"Yes, the enemy fires from 10 to 12 thousand shots along the front line, but this is not the amount needed for active assault actions," he said.

Overall, as the spokesman says, the enemy continues to assault, inflicting fire damage on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, both defensive lines and civilian populations.

Situation in the Bakhmut area

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the Bakhmut direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled 12 attacks by the Russian Federation. They occurred in the areas of the settlements of Bilohorivka in the Luhansk region and Spirne, Rozdolivka, and Klishchiivka to the south of Ivanivka in the Donetsk region.

It should be noted that 95 clashes occurred on the front line during the day. The enemy is actively pressing in the west and northwest of Avdiivka.