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Apple introduces new app in iOS 18 for enhanced data security

Apple introduces new app in iOS 18 for enhanced data security Apple to release standalone passwords app for iOS 18 and macOS 15 (Photo: Unsplash)

Apple plans to release a standalone app called Passwords for storing passwords and account data. The app will be included in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS15, according to MacRumors.

What we know about passwords on Apple devices today

Apple's operating systems already have a Passwords feature, but it is hidden in the settings and can be hard to find for those unfamiliar with it. Apple is gradually implementing new password-related features such as saving account credentials and passwords, supporting one-time login codes, and suggesting password creation directly in Safari.

How the new app will work

Like the existing Passwords section in settings, the standalone Passwords app will be built on Apple's iCloud Keychain, which syncs login data and passwords across Apple devices. The new app will support the same functions as Passwords in settings and will also work on Vision Pro and Windows computers.

The app includes logins and passwords for websites, Wi-Fi network passwords, and Passkeys - a feature that uses Face ID or Touch ID to log into websites instead of a password. Data from the app can be auto-filled on websites and apps during user login.

Why Apple needs a standalone passwords app

Apple's goal with the Passwords app is to encourage users to use stronger passwords and avoid reusing them across different websites and services. In doing so, Apple will compete with long-standing third-party password management services like 1Password. The company also plans to allow users to import passwords from other services.

Apple plans to introduce the Passwords app during the WWDC presentation next Monday.

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