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Alan Wake 2 actor James McCaffrey passes away at 65

Alan Wake 2 actor James McCaffrey passes away at 65 Photo: Alan Wake 2 actor James McCaffrey passes away at 65 (GettyImages)

James McCaffrey, renowned for his voice role as Max Payne in the video game series and his extensive acting career in film and TV, has passed away at 65 after battling cancer. His recent work included voicing Alex Casey in "Alan Wake 2," according to PMZ.

McCaffrey, diagnosed with multiple myeloma, had a career spanning over three decades.

He began his career 35 years ago with significant roles in TV series like "New York Undercover" and "Viper." His most notable TV role was in FX's "Rescue Me," where he played firefighter James Xavier "Jimmy" Keefe.

He was famed in the video game industry for voicing Max Payne across the series and Alex Casey in "Alan Wake." He also appeared in various other TV shows and films, including "Sex and the City," "Jessica Jones," and "The Orphan Killer."

Versatile performer

McCaffrey's career background showcases his versatility, moving from TV and movies to a prominent role in the video game industry. Trained at the Actor's Studio, he was known for his character creation skills despite often being cast in leading man roles due to his good looks.

His role as Max Payne is particularly iconic, with his voice acting and motion capture work defining the character's gritty, antihero persona.

His passing marks the loss of a significant figure in gaming and acting communities, known for his impactful performances across different media platforms. His passing was initially brought to public attention through a post by "Entourage" star Kevin Dillon, who honored McCaffrey's memory and friendship.

In recent months, we have seen several talented and famous people pass away, such as Norman Lear, Ralph Cirella, Friends star Matthew Perry, and Andre Braugher, iconic captain Holt.