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Air strike: Explosion heard in Kyiv

Air strike: Explosion heard in Kyiv In Kyiv, an explosion was heard during an air raid alert (photo: State Emergency Service)

In the vicinity of Kyiv, an explosion was heard during the night of June 26, amidst a large-scale air alert in Ukraine, declared due to a combined attack by Russian forces, reports Suspilne.

An explosion was reportedly heard in the capital around three in the morning.

Local authorities and administration representatives did not initially report any explosion in Kyiv. However, public and Telegram channels in the city are suggesting that the explosion may have been related to the operation of air defense systems against hostile targets.

Before this incident, the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported detecting a high-speed target moving southwestward through the Zhytomyr region.

This comes following reports of MiG-31K jets taking off in Russia and speculation about possible missile launches.

Nighttime combined air attack

Hostile rocket shelling of Ukrainian territory occurred last night, June 27, against the backdrop of drone attacks. Russian forces launched several groups of Shahed attack drones over Ukraine the previous evening.