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8 things you should never do when leaving home

8 things you should never do when leaving home Things to avoid when leaving home (Freepik)

Whether you're going on a long trip or just going to work, it's important to protect your home. According to the Huffpost website, there are certain things you should avoid doing when you leave the house.

Security expert Gene Petrino shared that some actions can significantly increase the risk of theft.

Posting your location on social media

Never post online that you're going on holiday or to a concert.

It is safer to post holiday photos when you return home rather than in real-time.

If you're going out of town and want to catch up with friends, social media is appropriate for personal communication.

Forgetting to lock windows and doors

People often forget to close windows and even doors, leading to theft and burglary.

It may seem obvious to check that your front door is closed and locked. It's also important to secure points of entry that we don't think about, such as upstairs or basement windows.

Unlocked windows, especially those hidden from the street, are easy to access and allow intruders to enter your home quietly and unnoticed.

Using the same route every time you leave home

Sticking to a predictable routine allows observant criminals to plan a break-in around your schedule, as they know exactly when you'll be out.

Try changing the routes and times you leave and return home to prevent criminals from identifying your daily routine.

Leaving tools and ladders outside

Leaving ladders or tools outside can attract thieves. Not only could thieves be tempted to steal expensive tools, but they could also use them to break into your home.

As people often forget to lock second-floor windows, someone could use a ladder to climb up and enter the house.

Leaving lights on in a room

It's better to leave some lights on in the house to give the impression that someone is home. There are also special systems that allow you to switch lights on and off remotely.

Collecting your mail regularly

Always let the post office know when you're away so they can stop delivering your mail. Or ask someone to come and collect any leaflets or letters left on your doorstep.

Neglecting lawn care and snow removal

If snow piles up on your sidewalk or the lawn goes unchecked for a long time, it can be a sign that the house is empty.

Hire someone or ask a friend to help water plants, mow the lawn, rake leaves, or shovel snow.

Hiding a key under the doormat or on the lawn

These common hiding places are well-known to burglars. If an intruder finds a spare key, they can get into your home quickly.

It's better to give your spare key to a neighbor or friend or use a smart lock with a code.

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