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Hiding spots burglars look for money and valuables first

Hiding spots burglars look for money and valuables first Where thieves look for money first (illustration: GettyImages)

Many people think that not only a secure door or alarm system will help them protect themselves from burglars but also "hiding places"—places that criminals supposedly won't find. They go there in the first place. and the MOYO website tell you where not to hide money and valuables so that they are not found by thieves.

Where thieves look for valuables in an apartment

The publication cited information that people, particularly in Poland, continue to keep money at home, hiding it in socks and under mattresses. Some people are afraid of inflation and don't trust banks, while others feel “calmer” when everything is at home.

However, thieves know this as well. They usually don't have time to thoroughly search a house or apartment, so they hastily collect everything valuable on the surface, usually household appliances and jewelry.

Де квартирні злодії шукають гроші та цінні речі. Ці "схованки" знаходять першими

Where not to hide valuables from thieves (illustration:

And then, if the thief has time, he starts checking the typical "hiding places." There are a few places that are considered “safe” and supposedly “protected” from thieves, but in fact, they are not because they start looking for valuables there first.

Where thieves look for money and jewelry:

  • bookshelves and shelves with disks or anything else
  • kitchen cabinets and containers for cereals, coffee, sugar, etc.
  • laundry basket or a place where dirty things are stored
  • children's room and toys
  • wardrobes and chests of drawers
  • behind mirrors and picture frames
  • under the bed and in closed shelves where a keyhole is visible.

Де квартирні злодії шукають гроші та цінні речі. Ці "схованки" знаходять першими

Where thieves look for money in an apartment (illustration:

How to protect your home from thieves

Experts believe that to scare off criminals and protect your apartment from robbery, you need to take comprehensive care of security. In particular, we are talking about

  • video surveillance cameras (both outside and inside the apartment)
  • intercom (this will reduce the chances that thieves will enter the entrance of an apartment building)
  • alarm system (for windows and doors, there are also options for safes)
  • reliable locks that are difficult to break
  • protection of windows and balcony, especially if you live on the first floors
  • lighting with motion sensors - thieves usually work in the dark, so sudden light will scare them
  • glass break detectors on windows
  • secure doors.