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19 Shaheds shot down: Details of night attack

19 Shaheds shot down: Details of night attack Photo: 19 Shaheds were shot down in the south of Ukraine (RBC-Ukraine collage)

This night, on December 21, air defense forces shot down 19 Shaheds in the south of Ukraine. Fragments of the downed drone fell near Mykolaiv, according to the Operational Command South.

In the night of December 21, the occupiers directed kamikaze drones to southern Ukraine from the territory of occupied Crimea and the eastern coast of the Azov Sea. The combat operation lasted for over 7 hours, and the drones approached in two waves.

Air defense forces hit 19 Shaheds, specifically in Mykolaiv region - 13 drones, in Kherson region - 3, in Vinnytsia region - 2, and in Dnipropetrovsk region - 1. There were no direct hits.

However, in the Mykolaiv region, fragments of the downed drone damaged a warehouse of an agricultural enterprise, causing a fire. The firefighters promptly extinguished it, and there were no casualties.

Photo: Fragments of the Shahed fell near Mykolaiv (

Overnight drone attack

Last night, Russians launched 35 kamikaze drones on Ukraine from three directions: Cape Chauda (Crimea), Primorsko-Akhtarsk, and Kursk (Russia). The drone attack occurred in waves at different times from 20:00 on December 20 to 03:30 on December 21.

As noted by the Ukrainian Air Force, the air defense forces shot down 34 Shaheds.

In the Poltava region, debris from the downed drones fell on a residential building, causing destruction.

In the Kyiv region, a fire broke out at a warehouse due to the falling debris of Shaheds. Adjacent buildings and 8 vehicles were also damaged.