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Zodiac sings who are afraid of falling in love

Zodiac sings who are afraid of falling in love Zodiac sings who are afraid of falling in love: Illustrative photo (Freepik)

While some zodiac signs always have happy relationships or simply can't imagine their lives without love, others avoid potential romantic feelings due to an underlying fear, notes Collective World.


Gemini is a detached air sign that prefers to engage in emotional and intellectual conversations rather than talk about their feelings. However, emotional closeness is not their strong suit.

With their changeable nature, they find it difficult not only to be emotionally vulnerable with someone but also to be attached to one person.

They can easily get bored, and they are likely to be physically close to someone only as long as that person is interesting and fun for them.


Virgos are practical and analytical thinkers. They need a lot of time not only to process their emotions but also to understand if they trust someone and if they feel safe and comfortable.

For physical closeness, they also need a lot of time, not only because they must trust the person but also because Virgos need to get out of their own thoughts and not judge themselves or their partner.


Emotional closeness? Capricorn has never heard of it. Representatives of this zodiac sign are known as cold, almost emotionless beings. They are too focused on their career and surroundings rather than relationships and feelings.

So Capricorns avoid not only physical closeness, fearing that emotions will get in the way and complicate everything, but also closeness in any form or way.


This independent air sign can be quite aloof and emotionally cold. It's no wonder that Aquarius prefers intellectual conversations over warm, candid talks.

Physical closeness may not necessarily be a problem for Aquarius, they may not be emotionally attached to someone. However, Aquarians find it easiest to avoid relationships altogether to avoid dealing with emotional vulnerability.

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