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6 most sentimental zodiac signs: They love strongly and cry bitterly

6 most sentimental zodiac signs: They love strongly and cry bitterly Most sentimental zodiac signs (photo: Freepik)

Sentimentality is a trait or feeling of experiencing certain strong emotions, such as admiration, delight, or sadness. Moreover, it's quite easy to evoke such emotions in sentimental people, and even easier in certain zodiac signs, according to Collective World.


It's not surprising that Pisces made this list. They are idealists, hopeless romantics who find beauty in everything, and they are attracted to people with such strong emotions.

When it comes to moments of sentimentality, Pisces uses their artistic flair. And when the object of their admiration reciprocates, Pisces faints from a wave of emotions.


People of this sign are incredibly sensitive, although sometimes they hide in a protective shell. However, representatives of this zodiac sign usually express emotions freely, which probably affects their sentimentality.

Also, they like people who value family and friends above all else and are ready to prove it - and so does Cancer himself. Therefore, if someone does their best to take care of this zodiac sign, it touches them deeply.


They may have a stern exterior, but Taurus is sentimental to the core. They love to create memories and buy things that they know their partner will keep forever.

Taurus often recalls old life stories with tenderness. They also want someone to put them first. While Taurus may act like they don't need anything, they melt when someone does something romantic for them.


Libras are not shy about their feelings. They are sociable and love to meet new people, but when they find someone for whom they have real feelings, sentimentality comes.

Their attention and adoration become obsessive because Taurus sees only the best in a partner and is touched by it. Romantic gestures will knock them off their feet.


Like Taurus, Scorpio may seem cold, but in reality, they have incredibly strong feelings. Scorpios don't show their sentimentality right away, believing that love takes time to develop.

However, if a Scorpio partner proves that he/she values the relationship by giving carefully chosen gifts or saying something tender, Scorpios will be deeply touched.


Leos may be spectacular in their romantic gestures, but they can be incredibly sentimental at times. They want to express their love in meaningful ways, but they also want their partner to reciprocate.

Leos don't want their loved ones to do something trivial or standard - they just want them to put their heart and soul into it.

So when someone goes out of their comfort zone to show how much a representative of this zodiac sign means to them, Leo can't help but swoon. And they will remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

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