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Zodiac signs to have magically fortunate end to the year

Zodiac signs to have magically fortunate end to the year For whom among the Zodiac signs the end of the year will be fortunate (Collage RBC-Ukraine)

Horoscope for the last week before 2024: Most of us are recovering from the exhausting and energetic holiday season we just experienced. However, there is magic in the air that cannot be denied. Some of us will take advantage of this magic, allowing ourselves to relax, while others may prefer to intensively prepare for the holidays this week. The Sun is traveling through Capricorn, so it means that three lucky zodiac signs will receive all the benefits that the Universe is offering.

What awaits these zodiac signs in the last week of the year, according to Collective World.


This week is dedicated to partnerships. Your relationships with others will strengthen, and these changes will make you happier. The stars also advise going on a romantic vacation with your loved one, as now is the best time for it.

If you are focused on others, and time and romance are not of interest to you, the stars also recommend focusing on yourself. The last week is very favorable for engaging in your hobbies and work. It's time to reflect on your dreams and set goals for the coming year.


It may seem that this week is not rewarding you because you might feel very tired and volatile. The stars compel you to pause and think about stability in your life. You may not feel inspired and energized right now, but astrologers predict that this is temporary.

If you feel creative, now is the best time to unleash your emotions. If it's hard for you to do anything right now, trust the stars and give yourself a break. This week is perfect for dedicating time to yourself.


This week is perfect for letting go of the past. The stars advise clearing space for the new, as the coming year will be even more eventful than this one. Give yourself permission to release the emotions that have accumulated over the past months, and you will feel liberated.

This freedom will allow you to ignite confidence in yourself. The stars recommend sharing your dreams and trusting your feelings. Also, plan for the next year and set goals for yourself. Be assured, luck is on your side.

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