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Zelenskyy had phone conversation with Speaker of US House of Representatives

Zelenskyy had phone conversation with Speaker of US House of Representatives Archive photo: Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Mike Johnson (president gov ua)

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy today, March 28, had a phone conversation with the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, according to Zelenskyy's Telegram page.

"Had a phone conversation with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Johnson. Personally thanked him, both parties, the American people, and President Biden for the vital support to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion," the statement said.

The President briefed the Speaker on the situation on the battlefield, particularly on the rapid escalation of Russian aerial terror. In just the past week, Ukrainian cities and communities have been hit by 190 rockets, 140 Shahed drones, and 700 guided bombs. The largest Ukrainian hydroelectric power station has been disabled.

"In this situation, swift approval of assistance for Ukraine by Congress is critically important. We understand that there are different positions in the House of Representatives on how to do this, but the main thing is that the issue of assistance to Ukraine remains a unifying factor," added the President.

What else was discussed

Zelenskyy also added that during the conversation, they discussed the urgent need to cut off the sources through which Russia finances its war.

Additionally, Zelenskyy and Johnson discussed the utilization of frozen Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine.

"In this, we also count on the leadership of Congress," added the head of Ukraine.

Challenges with US financial aid for Ukraine

Following the failure of the vote on Joe Biden's $106 billion bill to aid Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, a new bill was drafted in early February of this year to provide assistance to these three countries, totaling $96 billion, but without provisions for the protection of the southern border of the US with Mexico. Over $60 billion is allocated for Ukraine's needs in this bill.

On February 13, the Senate approved this document. However, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson deliberately refuses to bring the bill to a vote, delaying the provision of military aid to Ukraine.

Instead, Johnson has begun discussing a compromise version of the bill with congressmen. In this version, Ukraine is offered much less funding—only $47.69 billion. Johnson also hinted that the House of Representatives is ready to unlock aid to Ukraine, but it will be provided by the US not for free, but under a loan or financing program.

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