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Zelenskyy describes Russia's plan in Kharkiv region and task of Ukrainian Armed Forces

Zelenskyy describes Russia's plan in Kharkiv region and task of Ukrainian Armed Forces President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (photo:а)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has named Russia's plan in the Kharkiv region as the main task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The President emphasized that the main issue today is the frontline and countering Russian operations.

“We pay special attention to Kharkiv region. Defensive battles and fierce fighting continue on a large part of our border strip. There are villages that have actually turned from a “gray zone” into a combat zone, and the occupier is trying to gain a foothold in some of them, some of them are simply used for further advancement,” the Head of State explained.

According to the President, the task of Ukraine is now obvious - it is necessary to inflict the greatest possible losses on the occupier.

“In particular, on the outskirts of Vovchansk, the situation is extremely difficult - the city is under constant Russian fire, and counterattacks by our military continue, and local residents are being helped in the city. And it is very important that everyone shows maximum efficiency right now - everyone who is directly there in the Kharkiv region. In the military, in the security forces, in local authorities, in communities. Everything in war always depends on what you are capable of, what you can do - whether you can withstand the blows and hold your ground so that everyone else can do the same. The main thing is our resilience and the Ukrainian result in battles,” Zelenskyy emphasized.

Situation in other areas

Zelenskyy emphasized that he was also paying constant attention to other areas of combat operations. According to him, the Donetsk area is no less tense now.

“Actually, the idea behind the strikes on the Kharkiv region is to stretch our forces and undermine the moral and motivational basis of the ability of Ukrainians to defend themselves,” he said.

According to the President, the Pokrovsk direction is the most difficult. There were already 30 combat engagements in the Pokrovsk direction over the last day alone.

“The situation is also tough in the Lyman and Vremivka directions, Kramatorsk and Kupiansk. Our soldiers are responding to the occupier with dignity and are doing everything possible, often impossible, to restrain Russian assaults and respond - to respond to the occupier with fire,” the head of state emphasized.

Russian PSYOP

Zelenskyy noted that information operations are no less important for Russians.

“This is always the energy for Russian ground operations. The occupier feeds on lies and the fear that follows the lies. Defensive battles are never easy. And they always become more difficult when the enemy manages to use fear,” he explained.

In this regard, according to Zelenskyy, it is safer not to be led by emotions, not to chase the headline, to check every news report and look for information, not emotions or rumors, and to trust the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Situation in the Kharkiv region

Since Friday, May 10, Russian terrorists have been trying to break through the defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Russians have significantly increased their hostile activity in the Kharkiv region.

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