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Winter aid for Ukraine: White House names three priorities

Winter aid for Ukraine: White House names three priorities The White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby (photo: Getty Images)

The United States has focused on three main directions regarding assistance to Ukraine to help it get through the winter, says the coordinator of the U.S. National Security Council, John Kirby, during a briefing.

Kirby reminded that last winter, Russian occupiers attempted to destroy critical infrastructure objects in Ukraine. It is expected that the enemy will employ such tactics again this winter, as evidenced by drone attacks and missile strikes conducted by Russians in recent days.

According to the coordinator, U.S. President Joe Biden and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan have instructed the government to prioritize efforts to assist Ukraine in navigating through the winter, as was the case last year.

"So we are focused on driving forward three key lines of effort. First, we have been strengthening Ukraine's air defensive capabilities so that they can shoot down Russian missiles and the Iranian drones targeting critical infrastructure," emphasized Kirby.

He clarified that the U.S., along with partners, has provided Ukraine with anti-aircraft missile systems, including Patriot, Hawk, Avenger, and other air defense means.

"Second, we have been helping Ukraine hardern their critical energy infrastructure," Kirby stated.

According to him, the country has been provided with protective equipment, including special grids, reinforcement, and HESCO barriers to protect vital objects.

"And third, we have been providing Ukraine with backup equipment and supplies, including high-voltage autotransformers, industrial-size gas generators, and mobile off-grid equipment to add resilience and prevent people from losing heat and electricity if Russia's strikes get through and are successful," he added.

Energy strikes

Recall that last fall and winter, Russian occupiers began massive shelling of Ukraine, targeting critical infrastructure objects.

Many Ukrainian energy facilities were damaged due to these hostile attacks, leading to power supply problems across the country.

Daily schedules of power outages were implemented in the country.

Earlier, the State Agency for Infrastructure Restoration and Development of Ukraine reported that Ukrainian energy facilities received three levels of protection.