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Windows 12: Release date and what's new

Windows 12: Release date and what's new Windows 12 may be released in the summer of 2024 (photo: Unsplash)

Rumors about the creation of the Windows 12 operating system continue to circulate on the Internet. Sources claim that Microsoft is actively working on a new version that will be deeply integrated with artificial intelligence (AI).

This information is reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing the financial newspaper Commercial Times,Taiwan.

Lin Baili, the head of Quanta, and Chen Junsheng, the CEO of Acer, made statements at the recent Taiwanese exhibition of medical technologies.

In addition to this, earlier this year, a key representative from Intel confirmed that a Windows update is expected in 2024, although it was not specified whether it would be the release of Windows 12 or an update to Windows 11 features.

It is noted that the mention of AI-based PCs in the context of Windows 12 is significant given that Microsoft has recently increased the integration of AI features into its operating system.

Possibly, systems with specialized hardware for accelerating artificial intelligence tasks will be recommended, and this may involve technological giants such as AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, as well as their hardware partners. Microsoft was also featured at the AMD CES 2023 event earlier this year.

However, it is unlikely that such hardware will meet the minimum system requirements, as most PCs lack technologies like AMD Ryzen AI and Intel NPU.

According to rumors, Windows 12 may be released in the summer of 2024 and will be optimized for processors based on the Arm architecture.

Additionally, there is information that Microsoft is working on its own Arm-based platforms and will incorporate new Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processors into future versions of its Surface laptops and tablets.