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White House comments on Macron's idea to send troops to Ukraine

White House comments on Macron's idea to send troops to Ukraine US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Over the past few weeks, there has been active discussion surrounding the statement made by French President Emmanuel Macron regarding sending NATO troops to Ukraine. The White House emphasized that the French leader has every right to speak on this matter, according to a briefing by press secretaries Karine Jean-Pierre and Jake Sullivan.

According to Jake Sullivan, an advisor on national security to the United States, Washington cannot speak for Macron, but the French leader continues to publicly express his viewpoint.

"Of course, he obviously has every right to do that. We've made our position clear which is that we're not intending to send US troops to Ukraine," the official said.

He also stressed that US President Joe Biden reaffirmed this in his recent address to Congress, and the United States has not deviated from this position.

El Pais reported on the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine and stated their purpose.

Furthermore, as of now, Ukraine is not considering the deployment of NATO troops to the country, as such a decision would require appropriate approval. According to statements made by the deputy head of the Office of the President, all countries discussing the possibility of sending troops are NATO members, while Ukraine is not a member of this alliance.