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White House called on Speaker of Congress Johnson not to block border agreement

White House called on Speaker of Congress Johnson not to block border agreement Photo: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Mike Johnson (Getty Images)

The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden has called on House Speaker Mike Johnson to ensure the approval of an agreement to enhance security on the American border with Mexico. This was announced on Monday, January 29, by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

"We have been working in good faith and across the aisle to make real progress on one of the most important issues we are facing: securing our border. Now we need Speaker Johnson to step up and provide the authorities and resources we requested to secure the border," she noted.

The White House spokesperson reminded that the Republican Party has actively advocated for allocating new resources for border security with Mexico, a stance that was emphasized directly by the Trump administration. She emphasized that the agreement, which Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, as well as the White House, have been working on, provides the necessary measures for this.

Karine Jean-Pierre also emphasized that the President is ready to sign the bill in the form that has been agreed upon after several months of negotiations. Therefore, according to her, Speaker Johnson should provide the current administration with the funding and authority to address the border issue.

Financial aid for Ukraine and the U.S.-Mexico border agreement

In October 2023, U.S. President Joe Biden submitted a $106 billion bill to Congress for assistance to Israel, Ukraine, and allies in the Asia-Pacific region. From this sum, $61.3 billion was proposed for Ukraine, and $14.3 billion for Israel.

However, in December, the Senate blocked the consideration of this bill. The reason was the Republicans' demand to include a tougher set of measures for the protection of the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

Subsequently, Democrats and Republicans began negotiations for a new border agreement.

Biden expressed readiness to close the southern border in case of a migrant crisis and urged lawmakers to pass the corresponding bill.

Recently, the Senate and Congress agreed on the text of the U.S.-Mexico border agreement.

However, House Speaker Mike Johnson referred to the agreement as "stillborn," implying that the Republican majority in the lower house of Congress does not plan to vote for the document.