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White House asserts Ukrainian Armed Forces must carefully distribute ammunition during battles

White House asserts Ukrainian Armed Forces must carefully distribute ammunition during battles U.S. National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby (photo: Getty Images)

The suspension of defense aid funding to Ukraine by the U.S. of America is echoing in the formation of a shortage of ammunition in the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front lines. Some units are already rationing ammunition during combat operations due to the risk of shortage, states John Kirby, the U.S. National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications.

The American official responded to a media representative's question regarding the pause of over a month since the last aid package from the U.S. was sent to Ukraine and assessed the situation faced by the Defense Forces in confronting Russian military aggression in the context of ammunition supply.

"But battlefield commanders are making some really tough decisions right now. We know that in some units, they are marshalling their ammunition very, very closely because they’re beginning to get worried about running out," noted Kirby.

According to him, the Russian occupiers are taking advantage of this situation.

"And the Russians know this. That’s why they keep flying drones and missiles to - to force the Ukrainians to use air defense capabilities that they know are not being replaced right now," said the White House representative.

Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are forced to make some tough calls - from commanders across the front - from the east to the south.

Kirby also commented on the situation with Russian advances in the Avdiivka direction. The official noted that this locality could be perceived by the occupiers as a staging area, a logistical hub, for further offensive operations in the Donbas region.

Aid from the U.S. to Ukraine

Earlier, the U.S. Senate introduced a new bill regarding assistance to Ukraine. This bill combines funding for Ukraine, and Israel, and strengthens the southern border of the U.S. However, sharp criticism emerged from the White House regarding the bill focusing on aid to Israel without including Ukraine.

Additionally, it was reported that on February 7, the U.S. Senate refused to support the bill providing aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, along with new funding for border security.

Furthermore, recently, the Chief of Procurement for the U.S. Army, Doug Bush, announced the intention of the U.S. Army to double the production of artillery shells used in Ukraine by October of this year.