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5 things men do before breaking up

5 things men do before breaking up What are the signs that a man wants to end a relationship (photo:

It can be difficult to understand a relationship, especially if weird and disturbing things are happening. For example, a partner has started to estrange and says nothing. The reasons can be different, but some clear warning signs indicate an imminent breakup. Find out what men do before breaking up, according to psychologist Maryna Karasiova.

Decreased communication

One of the first signs that a spouse has started to withdraw is a noticeable decrease in communication. Conversations may become shorter and less engaging, and he is not eager to share his thoughts and feelings.

Communication is the lifeblood of a relationship, and when it wanes, it often precedes emotional or physical withdrawal.

He doesn't want to spend time together

A man who is thinking about the possibility of a breakup may lose interest in having fun together and spending time together in general. He may give up previously enjoyable activities, find reasons to stay at home, or prefer the company of his friends.

Such a shift in priorities indicates a desire for more space and may be a sign of deeper problems in the relationship.

He avoids making plans for the future

Discussing the future together and making plans is an indicator of a good and harmonious relationship. When a man starts to avoid such topics, he starts to avoid talking about future events or commitments.

Avoidance may be caused by uncertainty about the future of your relationship or unwillingness to commit to your partner.

Emotional detachment

Such detachment is an important sign that a man is thinking about ending the relationship. This detachment can be manifested in indifference to the partner's feelings, lack of empathy, or unwillingness to provide emotional support. When the emotional connection begins to weaken, it is very often a sign of withdrawal from the relationship.

Changes in affection and intimacy

Decreased physical affection and intimacy can be a clear sign that a man is distancing himself. This can be expressed in the absence of kissing, hugging, and a decrease in sex life. Physical intimacy is an expression of emotional intimacy, and changes in this area often reflect your partner's deeper emotional detachment.