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What annoys men in communication with women: top irritating female phrases

What annoys men in communication with women: top irritating female phrases Photo: What annoys males in communication with females (photo: Freepik)

Every woman sometimes makes mistakes in communication and relationships with a man. However, some things simply irritate males but are done by almost every female, explains psychologist Olexander Tsurkan.

What annoys men the most in communication with women

According to the psychologist, men are most irritated in communication with women by words like:

  • always

  • never

  • constantly

  • all the time.

As well as generalized statements:

  • "We never go anywhere."

  • "You are always late."

  • "I always clean up by myself."

"Men have a predominance of rational thinking, and they see inconsistency in such statements directed at them. Is it really always and every time? In these words, a man hears an empty attack, slander, and devaluation and expresses the right anger, providing examples in return," says the psychologist.

In such cases, men have similar questions:

  • "What do you mean we never go anywhere? Just last week we did."

  • "Why constantly? I was late only the second time, and by the way, last week, I also cleaned up."

So, in these situations, men not only start asking questions but also appeal angrily because they feel it is a twisted situation. Women, however, do not understand that their attacks only intensify the man's anger, and he will never agree with these female facts.

"Instead of fueling with these phrases, it's better to tell your partner about your needs," advises the psychologist.

And this can be done with such phrases:

  • "Let's go out together more often."

  • "Pick me up earlier, it's important to me."

  • "I'm so tired of household chores. I need your help."

And according to the specialist, only a "clueless" man will say no to these requests.

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