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We need to strengthen both our own and Ukrainian military capabilities - MoD of Latvia

We need to strengthen both our own and Ukrainian military capabilities - MoD of Latvia Photo: Minister of Defense of Latvia Andris Spruds (Vitalii Nosach RBC-Ukraine)

Latvia should strengthen both its own and Ukrainian military capabilities. Support should be provided in the long term until victory is achieved, stated the Minister of Defense of Latvia, Andris Spruds.

The head of the defense department stated that NATO countries are well aware of Russia's imperialistic ambitions and threats, and the war in Ukraine has fundamentally changed the European security environment.

"The preparedness of the Alliance's military structures is at a very high level, and NATO is more ready than ever to ensure defense," said Spruds.

The minister emphasized that an important mechanism of support for Ukraine is the creation of a coalition of drones, with several NATO member countries already applying for membership.

"We will also involve Latvian industry in the drone coalition to agree on the best way to provide national assistance to Ukraine in drone production," Spruds said.

Coalition of drones

In early December, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Rustem Umerov, and his Latvian counterpart, Andris Spruds, discussed the creation of a coalition of drones.

Within a month, Spruds announced that approximately twenty countries are joining the drone coalition initiated by Latvia, which will provide unmanned aerial vehicles to Ukraine as part of defense assistance.

Latvia's assistance to Ukraine

It was previously reported that Latvia is preparing a new aid package for Ukraine, including howitzers, ammunition, and more. An agreement on military cooperation, particularly regarding drone production, has also been signed between the two countries.

Overall, this Baltic country has provided Ukraine with assistance totaling 595 million euros since the beginning of Russia's full-scale aggression. This constitutes 0.85% of the state's GDP.