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Uzhhorod checkpoint blocked for truck movement by Slovak cargo carriers

Uzhhorod checkpoint blocked for truck movement by Slovak cargo carriers Photo: Slovak cargo carriers block the movement of trucks to the Uzhрorod checkpoint on the border with Ukraine (Getty Images)

Today, November 21, Slovak carriers initiated a blockade, disrupting truck traffic towards Ukraine through the "Vyšné Nemecké - Uzhhorod" checkpoint, reports the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS).

The Union of Transporters of Slovakia has initiated a strike, blocking truck traffic towards Ukraine.

"According to information from the Border Police of the Slovak Republic, today at 1:30 p.m. the blocking of the truck's traffic in the direction of the Slovak checkpoint "Vyšné Nemecké", adjacent to the Ukrainian checkpoint "Uzhhorod", - reports the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service.

The border guards mentioned that the Slovak participants in this action have not revealed the planned end date for the blockade.

Currently, there are approximately 300 trucks on the territory of Slovakia in front of the "Vyšné Nemecké" road heading towards Ukraine.

"The movement of cars and buses continues in regular mode," - representatives of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine noted.

Blocking the border with Ukraine

Polish carriers initiated a strike on November 6, causing issues with truck movement at the border. The throughput capacity is currently limited to one car for export and import per hour.

Despite negotiations with Ukrainian officials on November 13, Polish carriers have yet to lift the blockade.

On November 16, in solidarity with their Polish counterparts, the Slovak Union of Motor Carriers blocked the border with Ukraine, specifically at the "Vyšné Nemecké" border crossing on the Slovak side.

For further information on the border strike, the demands of Polish carriers, and the reasons for blocking trucks from Ukraine, please refer to this article.