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US to swiftly arm Ukraine following Congress decision: White House

US to swiftly arm Ukraine following Congress decision: White House Photo: White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre (Getty Images)

The White House expects that the supply of arms to Ukraine will begin immediately after the US Congress passes a bill to extend funding for aid, according to the White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre during a briefing.

When asked how quickly new military aid shipments to Ukraine will begin after Congress's decision, the spokesperson said, "Right away."

"We’ve been saying, … they have been losing ground because of Congress inaction. But we are very grateful to see that the House is moving in a bipartisan way. We want (the aid package – ed.) to get that out of the House, out of the Senate, to the desk of the president and he will sign it right away," she added.

The spokesperson also added that the goal of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is to annex Ukraine. She noted that the US cannot allow this.

What led to this

It's worth noting that since September 2023, American lawmakers have been unable to agree on extending funding for aid to Ukraine.

Republicans have been blocking decisions regarding support for Ukraine. Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson proposed dividing the Senate bill into four separate documents.

Yesterday, April 19, the House of Representatives took up Johnson's initiative. One of the bills provides for $60 billion in aid to Ukraine.