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US to provide Ukraine with longer-range weapons - Nuland

US to provide Ukraine with longer-range weapons - Nuland Victoria Nuland, former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (photo: Getty Images)

This summer, Ukraine will be able to use new long-range weapons on the front lines. The task of the US and Western allies is to prepare Kyiv for negotiations from a position of strength in their interests, states Victoria Nuland, former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

According to her, the US has provided Ukraine with a lot of military and economic support over the past three years.

In particular, the politician noted that special funds have been created for the reconstruction of critical infrastructure, energy support for the country, and humanitarian aid.

"We have a special envoy who's working on helping to rebuild Ukrainian cities so that exports can resume and people can go home to good jobs," Nuland said.

However, according to the politician, while the US, together with European and Asian allies, is providing Ukraine with increasing amounts of money, "Putin is creating more and more damage."

"He's throwing, by some estimates, a thousand Russian young men to their deaths a day in order to gain a couple of kilometers of ground in different villages," Nuland said.

Peace negotiations

The former Deputy Secretary of State also noted that whether to move to peace talks at all and when to do so is Ukraine's decision.

"But right now, Putin does not look sincere about relinquishing territory. His attitude towards a negotiation is “what's mine is mine, and what's yours is negotiable. So, the goal of the US strategy has been to put Ukraine in the strongest possible position, militarily, economically, and politically, so that it can go to the negotiating table from a position of strength when it is ready, and that Putin and his military will understand that we will continue to support an independent, sovereign Ukraine for as long as we need to and that this war has been a loser for Russia, and that Russia should settle it in its own interest," the edition said.

At the same time, she said that Kyiv is currently not strong enough for negotiations.

"We would like to see Putin get out of every square kilometer of Ukraine, but we won't know what is possible unless and until Ukraine is strong enough to go to the negotiating table and Putin understands that this is a failed venture for Russia and he needs to deal," Nuland said.

Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia

A few days ago, Victoria Nuland stated that Ukraine does not yet have sufficient strength to start negotiations with Russia to end the war.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that it does not make sense to start peace negotiations with Russia today, as they would be insincere.

Meanwhile, the US is ready to negotiate with Russia if the Kremlin demonstrates sincere willingness to do so.

Recently, the military and political leadership of Ukraine and the US held talks to discuss the acceleration of arms deliveries and the current situation on the front lines.

In the coming days, Ukraine will receive a new package of military aid from the US.