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US prepares UN Security Council resolution on nuclear weapons in space

US prepares UN Security Council resolution on nuclear weapons in space US prepares UN Security Council resolution on nuclear weapons in space (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The United States is preparing a resolution at the United Nations Security Council warning against the placement of nuclear weapons in space. These actions come amidst attempts to dissuade Russia from deploying warheads into orbit, according to Bloomberg.

Sources indicate the resolution will be presented during Japan's presidency of the Security Council this month. It is expected to reaffirm countries' commitments under the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits the placement of nuclear weapons in orbit.

The project is said to be in its initial stages and has not been widely disseminated.

"The Security Council is already set to discuss nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation in a meeting on March 18," the report says.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has launched a campaign to restrain Russia following reports that the Kremlin is developing weaponry capable of destroying satellites in space.

Agency sources reveal that the US has informed allies that Russia may deploy nuclear weapons or simulate warheads in space as early as this year.

However, any attempt to mention Russia in the resolution is likely to fail, as Russia has the right to veto resolutions as a permanent member of the Security Council.

"But a mildly worded resolution on the bigger principles at stake could gain Russian support and garner the backing of other countries the US is looking to for help, including China, also a permanent member of the council, and India," sources noted.

Both countries, they believe, have greater influence on Russia.

Threat of Russia deploying nuclear weapons into space

On Wednesday, February 14, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Turner warned of a serious threat to US national security, as intelligence suggests Russia plans to place nuclear weapons in space.

National Security Advisor to the US President, Jake Sullivan, confirmed this information, and President Joe Biden instructed his administration to engage in negotiations with Russia regarding possible testing of nuclear weapons in space. Later reports suggested that the White House attempted secret negotiations with Russia to persuade the Kremlin to refrain from testing space-based nuclear weaponry.

CNN found out details about Russia's development of nuclear space weapons and the potential threats it poses.