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US makes statement on friendship of Russia and China, Pentagon monitoring

US makes statement on friendship of Russia and China, Pentagon monitoring Photo: Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder (facebook com InternationalDefenceDesk)

China and Russia are sovereign states, so they independently make decisions about whom to cooperate with. However, the United States is monitoring the situation, says Pentagon Press Secretary Pat Ryder during a briefing.

"Each of the nations that you highlighted are sovereign nations. And they're going to make decisions about who they cooperate with and who they don't," he said.

Ryder emphasized that problems arise when cooperation between parties turns into malicious activity. Therefore, the United States continues to monitor the "friendship" between Moscow and Beijing.

"Where it becomes a problem is when there - we start to see malign activity in terms of providing Russia, for example, with capabilities that they're then in turn using to attack Ukraine. So again, we'll continue to monitor that closely," the Pentagon Press Secretary said.

China's position on Russia's war against Ukraine

China is trying to maintain a semblance of neutrality in Russia's war against Ukraine. However, Beijing has not condemned Moscow and continues economic cooperation with it.

Earlier, China released its peace plan for Ukraine, but it was criticized.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also stated that China plays a significant role in the world, so Ukraine wants this country to be involved in the peace formula. Beijing has not agreed so far, but the Chinese authorities do not criticize the Ukrainian formula.