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US intelligence to warn businesses about threats from Russia and China

US intelligence to warn businesses about threats from Russia and China US President Joe Biden (facebook com POTUS)
Author: Maria Kholina

According to The Hill, American intelligence agencies will share information about potential threats from Russia and China with private companies that service critical infrastructure in the United States.

President Joe Biden has issued a directive requiring intelligence to share data concerning threats from Russia or China with the private sector. The directive is part of a new National Security Memorandum aimed at enhancing the resilience and protection of critical infrastructure. The White House released it on Tuesday, April 30.

The document outlines the intensification of intelligence-sharing at various classification levels between private and international partners.

Deputy advisor to the US president for homeland security, Caitlin Durkovich, explained that this decision is particularly relevant as hackers are targeting U.S. water supply systems. She also stated that the FBI and other intelligence agencies are alarmed because other infrastructure in the United States is also under threat.

As reported by The Hill, the memorandum was developed taking into account the US intelligence warnings about Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

China-Russia cooperation

Prior to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Moscow and Beijing agreed on unrestricted friendship and strengthening cooperation.

While China maintains so-called neutrality in Russia's war against Ukraine, in practice, Beijing has not directly condemned Moscow. Chinese companies continue to supply Russia with dual-use goods that can be used in weapon production.

The US is urging China not to provide military assistance to Russia. Additionally, Washington has promised to strengthen sanctions against Beijing if it provides weapons to Russia.