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US imposed new sanctions on Yemen's Houthi rebels - Bloomberg

US imposed new sanctions on Yemen's Houthi rebels - Bloomberg The US has imposed sanctions on individuals associated with the government (photo: Getty Images)

The US has imposed sanctions on ten individuals, ships, and companies to block the flow of commodities to Yemen's Houthis, who have disrupted trade flows in the Red Sea by regularly attacking commercial cargo ships, reports Bloomberg.

Restrictions have been imposed on the financial intermediary network of the Houthi Said al-Jamal, who has been sanctioned multiple times before.

Sanctions have also been imposed on Hong Kong based-Lainey Shipping Ltd., the owner of a Panamanian-flagged vessel named Janet, which was carrying sanctioned cargo.

"The Houthis continue to leverage an expansive support network to facilitate their illicit activities, including hiding the origin of cargo, forging shipping documents, and providing services to sanctioned vessels," said Brian Nelson, Deputy Treasury Secretary.

Attacks by the Yemeni Houthis.

After the incursion of Hamas into the Gaza Strip in October last year, the terrorist group of the Houthis began shelling ships flying Western flags in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. In this way, they express solidarity with the Palestinians.

Several months ago, the US and their allies began strikes in response to the terrorists and imposed numerous sanctions against the Houthis. However, these measures and attacks have not been able to restrain the Houthis - they continue shelling, and global tanker flows remain seriously disrupted.

On June 10, the Houthis shelled two ships with anti-ship ballistic missiles.

On June 9, a cargo ship under the flag of Antigua and Barbuda was hit by a missile and caught fire.

On June 6, militants from the group attacked a ship about 19 nautical miles west of the Yemeni port city of Mocha.

Additionally, in Yemen, the Houthis detained 11 UN employees.