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US expands sanctions against Russia: One of largest airlines now under restrictions

US expands sanctions against Russia: One of largest airlines now under restrictions Photo: Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary (Getty Images)

The United States of America today, on May 1, imposed new anti-Russian sanctions against individuals and entities. One of the largest airlines, Pobeda (Victory), was included in the list, according to the US Department of the Treasury.

According to the information on the Department of the Treasury website, the restrictions were imposed not only against Pobeda but also regarding enterprises in the military-industrial complex. This includes:

  • Ural automobile plant;
  • Bryansk automobile plant;
  • Proton plant;
  • 48th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Russia;
  • Tomsk electrotechnical plant.

In addition to Russian individuals and entities, restrictions were also targeted at enterprises from Turkiye, China, Slovakia, Belgium, and Kyrgyzstan, as they could assist Russia in circumventing Western sanctions.

Sanctions were also imposed against Viktor Labin, who resides in Brussels. Russian media claimed he is an employee of the Main Directorate of Intelligence and assists in supplying "indispensable coordinate-measuring machines" to Russia.

The US Treasury Department emphasizes that the purpose of such sanctions is to limit the Kremlin's revenue and Russians' access to goods necessary for continuing the war against Ukraine.

Overall, over 200 individuals and entities were included in the sanctions list.

Sanctions evasion

Russia is actively trying to evade the sanctions imposed by Western countries. Several states are assisting this aggressor country in doing so.

For instance, many components of Russian missiles, regularly launched by the enemy against Ukraine, are of foreign origin, with some manufactured in Western countries.

For more details on how Russia is evading sanctions, refer to the material by RBC-Ukraine.