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US allocating funding for urgent printing of children's books in Ukraine - Zelenskyy

US allocating funding for urgent printing of children's books in Ukraine - Zelenskyy Photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Getty Images)

The United States of America is providing funding for the urgent printing of children's books in Ukraine, including school textbooks, according to an evening address by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

"Also today, I want to thank the United States for their new decision to support our people. Timely humanitarian aid - America is allocating funding for urgent printing of children's books in Ukraine," said Zelenskyy.

According to him, the USA will finance the printing of three million copies, including textbooks that will be printed using Ukrainian facilities before the start of the school year.

"At a time when the Russian occupier is literally destroying everything, including Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian cultural and educational infrastructure, it is important to feel the support of partners in this. Thank you, America!" the president emphasized.

United States has announced assistance

The White House confirmed the allocation of funds for printing children's books in Ukraine.

"Today, we are announcing that the United States government, through USAID, is providing assistance to print more than three million textbooks for Ukrainian elementary school students ahead of this school year," the statement reads.

It was added that the textbooks will be produced in Ukraine and delivered to over 12,000 schools across the country.

"Our message is clear: We will continue to stand with the Ukrainian people as they defend against Russia’s barbaric war of aggression," emphasized the administration of the US President.

Attack on a printing house in Kharkiv

On May 23rd, Russian forces launched 15 Russian missiles at Kharkiv and its region. Among the destroyed objects was the printing house Factor-Druck, which houses the Vivat publishing workshop.

As a result of the attack, seven people were killed, and over 20 others were injured. Additionally, 50,000 books were burned in the printing house.