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US aid to Ukraine: White House emphasized critical importance of support

US aid to Ukraine: White House emphasized critical importance of support Photo: National Security Advisor to the US President Jake Sullivan (Getty Images)

Advisor to the President of the United States on National Security, Jake Sullivan, stated that Vladimir Putin "gains every day" as the US House of Representatives delays the approval of a new aid package for Ukraine, informs The Guardian.

Sullivan noted that a "strong bipartisan majority in the House standing ready to pass" an aid package for Ukraine “if it comes to the floor”.

According to him, the reality is that "Putin gains every day" when Ukraine does not receive the resources it needs and, as a result, suffers.

Additionally, during his speech at the Atlantic Council in Washington on Monday, Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski stated that Johnson would be to blame if the US aid bill fails, and Russia advances on the battlefield.

"I’d like him to know that the whole world is watching what he would do and if the supplemental were not to pass and Ukraine was to suffer reversals on the battlefield it will be his responsibility," emphasized Sikorski, urging Johnson to allow the vote.

Blocking US aid

On February 13, the United States Senate supported a $95 billion aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, with over $60 billion allocated for Ukraine.

However, for this bill to become law, it needs approval from the US House of Representatives and the signature of President Joe Biden.

House Speaker Mike Johnson opposed the initiative. President Joe Biden urged the House of Representatives to approve the bill.

However, the US House of Representatives announced a break until February 28, thereby delaying the process of providing aid to Ukraine.