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Unique smartphone features exclusive only to Samsung

Unique smartphone features exclusive only to Samsung These features are exclusively available on Samsung devices (Photo: Unsplash)

In the battle for consumers' attention, smartphone manufacturers engage in a constant struggle, with new models emerging almost every month. Therefore, it's not surprising that all companies strive to incorporate the maximum number of unique features into their devices to stand out amidst the competition.

RBC-Ukraine (Styler project) highlights the unique features exclusive to Samsung smartphones.

In preparing this material, the following sources were used: Wired, PC Magazine, TechRadar, Anmuphd.

Smart switch

The transition from one smartphone to another is often a cumbersome process for users, as they have to reconfigure the device, reinstall favorite apps, and transfer contacts and media content, consuming a significant amount of time.

The unique Smart Switch feature allows for a quick and effortless transfer of all data from the previous smartphone to a new Galaxy-branded device: music, photos, videos, contacts, apps, themes, and much more.

Ці унікальні функції є лише на смартфонах даної моделі: про що йдетьсяSmart switch (photo: Samsung)

New screen capture feature

Typically, to take a screenshot, we press a combination of buttons. Samsung smartphones have taken it a step further: to capture the screen on their devices, you simply need to swipe the edge of your palm across the screen from the left edge to the right, as if wiping away dust. That's it - the screenshot is already taken and saved in the phone's memory.

Ці унікальні функції є лише на смартфонах даної моделі: про що йдеться

Making a screenshot with your palm (photo: Samsung)

Infinite screenshots

After taking a screenshot of a page with a palm swipe, press the button that appears at the bottom, and scroll down the page as much as needed - the screen capture will enlarge significantly. This way, you can save entire websites in your gallery.

Samsung Pay

Many devices, including smartwatches, have built-in NFC modules for making contactless payments in stores. However, not all terminals support this feature.

Samsung Pay technology overcomes these limitations: using MST technology, it emulates the magnetic stripe of a bank card, allowing payments even on terminals not designed for contactless transactions through smartphones.

Ці унікальні функції є лише на смартфонах даної моделі: про що йдеться

Samsung Pay (photo: Ministry of Finance)

Phone locator feature

Samsung Galaxy devices come with a unique phone-finding feature. In case the owner misplaces their gadget, the system will track its approximate location and real-time coordinates, displaying its movement.

In the event of theft, various functions, including the use of the power button or screen activation, can be remotely locked. If confidential data is stored in the device's memory, it can be erased. Additionally, if the perpetrator decides to replace the SIM card, the owner will immediately receive a notification with the new number.

Scenario creation via Bixby

Certain Samsung models, such as the Galaxy S10, offer the ability to customize behavior scenarios for the device. Some of these scenarios will be pre-installed, while others can be manually configured.

For example, when you arrive at work or a educational institution, the smartphone automatically switches to silent mode. Upon returning home, it automatically connects to the home Wi-Fi and restores sound. Before bedtime, the device switches to night mode, reducing screen brightness and activating a blue light filter.

Ці унікальні функції є лише на смартфонах даної моделі: про що йдетьсяBixby (photo: Unsplash)

Fast charging

This aspect pertains more to the charging devices than the smartphones themselves. Samsung's adapters from recent years (both wired and wireless) already support high power and rapid energy replenishment. However, in the premium devices called Duo Pad, turbo fans for cooling are also installed.

This allows for a smooth increase in power, preventing the charger and smartphone from overheating. Consequently, the charging speed increases on average by another third.

Child mode

On Samsung smartphones, different users can utilize apps and other functions through distinct personal profiles. Moreover, there is an option to create a separate account specifically for children. Within this child profile, access to the parents' general gallery is restricted, and the child has a separate gallery.

The child profile includes a set of child-safe applications with games and an assortment of interesting cartoons. This provides additional safety, ensuring the child cannot access unsafe or unwanted websites, and can only make calls to the numbers and contacts previously permitted by the parents.

Reverse charging

While this feature currently exists in gadgets from other manufacturers, Samsung introduced it earlier and has its unique characteristics. The capability allows switching the phone to a charging device mode to recharge, for instance, wireless headphones or a smartwatch.

To charge another smartphone, simply activate this feature on both devices and place them close to each other. There's no need to worry that the charging device will drain all the energy: a set threshold at 30% of the battery capacity ensures your phone won't be left without power, while significantly prolonging the charging device's lifespan.

Ці унікальні функції є лише на смартфонах даної моделі: про що йдетьсяReverse charging (photo: GSM-ABC)

Recall that Samsung has officially introduced its latest flagship models, the Galaxy S24 series.

Also, it was previously reported that Samsung was gearing up to release a smartphone that aims to compete with the iPhone Pro.