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Samsung plans to release possible competitor to iPhone Pro

Samsung plans to release possible competitor to iPhone Pro Samsung may release a smartphone capable of competing with the iPhone Pro (photo: Pexels)

While Samsung is preparing to unveil its flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S24 series, there are already rumors circulating online about the next generation, including the compact Galaxy S Ultra, according to the Samsung news site SamMobile.

It's interesting to note that the source claims the new device in the FE lineup will be a premium model, similar to the Galaxy S Ultra but with more compact dimensions. This represents a change in the current positioning of the FE series, but the company might reconsider the lineup structure before the release of this model.

It's also reported that Samsung plans to significantly change the design of smartphones after the release of the Galaxy S25. This implies that the next generation, Galaxy S26, will feature an entirely new design. Additionally, the company plans to reduce the number of devices in the Galaxy A series.

Alongside the development of regular flagships, Samsung is also working on a new model, the Galaxy Z Fold Lite. Currently, the company is testing two prototypes: one without an external screen at all, and the other with an external display but very compact.

The release of the Fold Lite may happen after the Galaxy Z Fold 6, and there might not be a Galaxy Z Flip model in this generation. However, these rumors raise doubts, considering that in 2022, the best-selling smartphones in South Korea were the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Z Flip 4.

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