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'Undeclared Russian military intelligence officer' - Britain expels Russian diplomat

'Undeclared Russian military intelligence officer' - Britain expels Russian diplomat Photo: British Home Secretary James Cleverly (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The UK's Home Office has decided to expel the Russian defense attaché from the country, according to the Secretary of State for the Home Department James Cleverly.

According to him, the expulsion of the diplomat is related to the "reckless and dangerous activities of the Russian government across Europe".

"I can tell the House (of Commons) that we will expel the Russian defense attache who is an undeclared military intelligence officer," he said.

He also added that Britain will strip several real estate properties owned by Russia in the UK of their diplomatic status, including Seacocks House. Additionally, the property in Sussex and the trade and defense sections in Highgate will lose their diplomatic status. The minister noted that the real estate was used for intelligence purposes.

"And we are imposing new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including capping the length of time Russian diplomats can spend in the UK. Our message to Russia is clear: Stop this illegal war. Withdraw your troops from Ukraine. Cease this malign activity," emphasized Cleverly.

UK sanctions against Russia

The United Kingdom has imposed a wide range of sanctions on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. The UK has added hundreds of individuals and entities associated with the Russian regime to sanctions lists.

In addition, London has frozen the assets of a number of Russian banks, companies, and individuals.

Moreover, Britain has implemented bans or restrictions on the export of various goods to Russia, including electronics, weapons, and luxury items. Among other measures, Britain has disconnected several Russian banks from the SWIFT system, making international payments more challenging for them.

In addition, the UK government has introduced legislation that provides for further sanctions on goods and technologies that help Russia finance its war against Ukraine.