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Ukrainian strike on Russian Novocherkassk ship: Footage revealed

Ukrainian strike on Russian Novocherkassk ship: Footage revealed The Ukrainian strike on Russian Novocherkassk ship was posted online (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

A video of a Ukrainian strike on the Russian Novocherkassk large amphibious assault ship in the temporarily occupied Feodosia (Crimea) has been posted online. The footage shows a powerful detonation upon hit.

Russian propaganda is actively disseminating information that the Novocherkassk allegedly "sustained minor damage." Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security reports that the ship was carrying Shaheds, which Russia is launching at Ukraine. This may explain why the explosion upon arrival was so powerful.

Also, the local Telegram channel Krymskyi Viter publishes a photo of the ship taken this afternoon. The caption states that the photo shows what is left of the Novocherkassk.

Ukrainian strike on Russian Novocherkassk ship: Footage revealed

Photo: the remains of the Novocherkassk after the missile attack (

Destruction of the Novocherkassk ship in Feodosia

According to the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force Mykola Oleshchuk, the large amphibious assault ship Novocherkassk was attacked by cruise missiles from tactical aircraft in the port of Feodosia at about 02:30.

At the time of the explosion, the ship was carrying Russian Shaheds, which they launch at Ukraine every night, the Center for Strategic Communication confirmed.

As a result of the powerful explosion in several residential buildings, windows in the entrances and apartments were smashed, and more than 350 people were evacuated from the buildings closest to the port.

The occupation "authorities" reported one killed in the attack and 4 more wounded, while they traditionally remain silent about possible losses among the ship's personnel.

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