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Ukrainian soldiers succeed on one front direction - General Staff

Ukrainian soldiers succeed on one front direction - General Staff Photo: success in the Siversk direction in the Armed Forces (Getty Images)

21 combat clashes took place at the front today. In the Siversk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were successful, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Enemy launched one rocket strike and conducted four aviation attacks using guided bombs. They shelled Ukrainian positions 459 times.

In the Kharkiv direction, the enemy attacked Ukrainian units three times. Two assaults were repelled near Lyptsi, with no success for the enemy. Another battle is ongoing near Vovchansk.

In the past day in the Kharkiv direction, the enemy lost 148 occupiers, including 35 fatalities.

In the Kupiansk direction, Ukrainian forces repelled two enemy attacks near Petropavlivka and Nevske. Another battle is ongoing; the situation remains tense. Our defenders are reinforcing front-line positions and taking measures to stabilize the situation.

In the Lyman direction, a hostile attack near Torske was repelled.

In the Siversk direction, there were two engagements, with one ongoing near Vyimka.

"It's worth noting that Ukrainian troops achieved success on certain sectors," reports the General Staff.

Ukrainian soldiers succeed on one front direction - General Staff

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In the Kramatorsk direction, the enemy has attacked twice near Klishchiivka. One attempt to storm was repelled, while another is ongoing. In the Pokrovsk direction, the enemy attacked our positions four times. Enemy losses totaled 286 occupiers killed and wounded.

In the Kurakhove direction, our forces repelled two attempts by the enemy to advance near Krasnohorivka and Kostiantynivka. On the Vremivka front, the enemy tried to displace Defense Forces units near Staromaiorsk but failed and retreated.

In the Prydniprovskyi direction, Defense Forces repelled one enemy attack towards Krynky.

Frontline developments

It's worth noting that in recent months, Russians have significantly increased pressure on the front. The enemy is attempting to advance in the Avdiivka area. Additionally, occupiers are trying to gain ground near Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region.

Furthermore, Russian forces have launched an offensive in northern the Kharkiv region. According to the head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, the occupiers aimed to reach Vovchansk in two days and Kharkiv in five.

Currently, the Russians are stalled in battles for Vovchansk. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the enemy has been halted on the Kharkiv direction.