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Ukrainian Navy reveals unusual incident involving Russian ships near Bosporus

Ukrainian Navy reveals unusual incident involving Russian ships near Bosporus Photo: Ukrainian Navy spoke about an unusual incident with Russian ships near the Bosphorus (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Ukrainian Navy spokesperson Dmytro Pletenchuk tells about an interesting incident that recently occurred to Russian ships near the Bosporus Strait in the Black Sea.

"Recently, an interesting incident occurred when they went to escort their ships from the Bosphorus in two ship units, which does not happen often, once a month, but at some point, they turned around and went back. It's hard to say why this happened, perhaps they received information about the danger," he says.

According to the spokesperson, it was unusual that these vessels were forced to move along the territory of the Republic of Türkiye, hiding in its territorial waters.

"That is, they did not take a shorter route, not the one they usually use, but left the sea and scattered to the corners," he states.

Pletenchuk adds that this situation indicates that the trend is positive for Ukraine.

Russian ships destruction

On the night of January 31-February 1, Ukrainian intelligence officers destroyed the Ivanovets missile boat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. According to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, the Ivanivets boat was to some extent the pride of the Russian Navy. There were only three such ships. It could carry up to 40 Russian sailors.

In addition, on February 14, off the coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea, the DIU and the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian large amphibious assault ship Tsezar Kunikov. The DIU said that the Tsezar Kunikov was destroyed near Alupka off the coast of Crimea.

Both vessels were attacked by Magura V5 maritime attack drones.