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Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announces approach of Terminator war

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announces approach of Terminator war The Ministry of Defense has reported the approaching Terminator war (photo: DPSUkraine)

The war in Ukraine is very close to the point where machines, not humans, will be fighting on the battlefield from both sides, states Oleksiy Bezhvetsov, the authorized representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for recruiting.

According to Bezhvetsov, by the end of 2024, effective drones will be deployed on the battlefield, replacing soldiers.

"We are already talking about drones that do not just fly, but also move, and crawl on the ground. And shortly, the line of demarcation will be saturated with such machines that perform the heaviest, most dangerous work instead of humans," said the Ministry of Defense representative.

Bezhvetsov also noted that these ground drones will completely cover the front line.

"In other words, there will be one line, another line, and between them, all these machines will crawl, shoot, kill, and not allow anything alive to cross this line, because as soon as something appears, it flies out, drives out, kills, shoots. In a way, it's like the 'Terminator' war. We are getting close to the point where there will be machines on both sides," Oleksiy Bezhvetsov explained.

Drones and electronic warfare systems of Ukrainian production

The Ukrainian army already has dozens of domestically produced drones in its arsenal. This includes not only unmanned aerial vehicles but also surface drones.

Earlier, Minister of Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamishin announced that Ukraine has established serial production of a domestic analogue of the Shahed drone.

Ukraine is also developing its analogue of the Russian kamikaze drone Lancet, which is already being tested on the front lines.

Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov reported that Ukraine has already caught up with Russia in the number of long-range kamikaze drones. According to him, Ukraine aims to commercialize the production of electronic warfare systems and open it up to entrepreneurs.

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