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Ukrainian Intelligence reveals impact of Boyko Towers liberation on situation in Black Sea

Ukrainian Intelligence reveals impact of Boyko Towers liberation on situation in Black Sea Photo: Boyko towers (UNIAN)

Russians have lost the ability to conduct reconnaissance in the air, on water, and on land in the Black Sea waters after the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the so-called Boyko Towers, stated the representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence, Andrii Yusov

"Today, the towers are being used directly. We won't disclose how, but it has certainly narrowed the enemy's sphere of influence and expanded the capabilities of our Security and Defense Forces, including the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, other components, and special services, regarding the conduct and implementation of subsequent successful operations in the Black Sea waters and, indeed, in the temporarily occupied Crimea," Yusov said.

He also noted that a crucial stage in the fight against Russia in the Black Sea was the de-occupation of Zmiinyi (Snake) Island.

"After the island was captured, it seemed for a while that its liberation would be impossible: the enemy had saturated the island itself with personnel, firepower, electronic warfare, anti-aircraft missile systems, means that threatened the Ukrainian coastline to the south, and could provide further actions by Russia, including planning amphibious operations against Ukraine. And not only Ukraine. It also concerns the security of Moldova," Andrii Yusov emphasized.

Boyko Towers

The Boyko Towers are drilling gas and oil extraction platforms near the shores of Crimea in the Black Sea. They acquired their name after an article in 2011 by Oleksii Shalaisky and Yurii Nikolov titled Tower for Boyko, which reported on the purchase of platforms at inflated prices by the Ministry of Energy, headed by Yurii Boyko.

Russia seized them in 2014, and with the onset of full-scale invasion, they were utilized for military purposes. Specifically, as helicopter landing pads and for the placement of radar systems.

According to British intelligence, the Boyko Towers in the Black Sea are strategic assets.

In September 2023, Ukraine regained control over the Boyko Towers in the Black Sea. The military intelligence termed the operation as another blow to the enemy.