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Ukrainian Intelligence release video of eliminating Russians in Bakhmut

Ukrainian Intelligence release video of eliminating Russians in Bakhmut Defence Intelligence of Ukraine showed a video of the destruction of Russians in Bakhmut (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Ukrainian reconnaissance soldiers are destroying Russian troops in Bakhmut and its outskirts using FPV drones. The process of eliminating the Russians was captured on video, according to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

"The soldiers of the Firebird special unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine are working with inspiration in Bakhmut and its environs," the statement says.

FPV-drone operators skillfully break into Russian hideouts and destroy enemy military equipment as it moves.

Ukrainian Defense Forces destroy the Russians

Russia's losses in the war in Ukraine as of Tuesday morning, December 26, amounted to 1,010 occupants. The total number of Russian army losses since the beginning of the invasion is approximately 354,960. In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 22 tanks, 37 armored personnel carriers and an enemy ship.

Over the past day, Ukrainian soldiers eliminated almost 400 Russian occupants in the Tavria direction. The Armed Forces also destroyed 43 units of enemy military equipment.

It was also reported yesterday that the losses of Russian occupants in the Avdiivka sector amount to about 300-400 soldiers daily. They are pulling up reserves.