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Ukrainian intelligence intercepts Russians' talk after Sergei Kotov ship destruction

Ukrainian intelligence intercepts Russians' talk after Sergei Kotov ship destruction Photo: The DIU intercepted the Russians' conversation after the destruction of the Sergei Kotov ship (Russian media)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) released a conversation between the Russian occupiers after the destruction of the Russian ship Sergei Kotov. The ship had weapons and a helicopter on board, according to the DIU.

"Of course, you all know all this by now. Our tragic event took place at night, so at 12:50 a.m., 5 unmanned boats attacked the small patrol ship Kotov, which is on air defense duty with us and is, accordingly, under my command," the Russian occupier with the call sign Tuman reports to the higher command.

He admits that the ship was attacked by 5 drones.

"I don't know how they fought with it for 40 minutes. Then, 40 minutes before that, there was information that there were five drones in the Kotov area. There was a helicopter there, and a ship with weapons, AK-176 630 (a 76.2 mm universal naval artillery system of the Russian Navy - ed.)," Tuman adds.

Attack on Russian ship Sergei Kotov

On the night of March 4-5, 2024, a special unit of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine Group 13 attacked the patrol ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Sergei Kotov. As a result of the strike by Magura V5 maritime drones, the Russian ship Project 22160 Sergei Kotov was damaged in the stern, starboard, and port sides. The attack took place near the Kerch Strait.

This was the second attempt by the Ukrainian defense forces to destroy this ship. After the first one, the occupiers were able to repair the ship and put it back on the water. It is also known that the Ukrainian military managed to prevent the Russian occupiers' plans to deploy anti-aircraft missile systems on board the ship. Interestingly, along with the sunken cruiser Moskva, the Sergei Kotov took part in the attack on Zmiinyi Island.