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Five direct hits and second attempt: Ukraine's intel reveals details of Sergei Kotov strike

Five direct hits and second attempt: Ukraine's intel reveals details of Sergei Kotov strike Sergei Kotov (Russian media)

The attack on the Russian ship Sergei Kotov on March 4-5 became the second attempt to destroy it. After the first attack, the occupiers were able to repair the ship and put it back into the water, says a representative of Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Andrii Yusov.

"This time, Sergei Kotov is definitely destroyed. Why this time? It was targeted before and there were successful attacks, but it was recovered after repairs. Sergei Kotov is a new ship, worth over 60 million dollars," he said.

As he clarified, the strike on Sergei Kotov was a long-term operation that was carefully prepared.

"There were only two attacks. And today's attack was not accidental; it was a long-term operation, and the result speaks for itself. Let's say, five direct hits don't happen by chance," he noted.

Regarding the crew, Yusov says that the situation is being clarified, as there are casualties and injuries, but there is a chance that part of the crew was able to evacuate.

"At least 10 ambulances were called by the enemy, so the evacuation operation was still carried out," the intelligence officer stated.

The enemy wanted to deploy SAMs on the ship

As Yusov pointed out, ships of this type went on combat duty in 2018.

"The enemy had plans for them - to deploy SAMs on the ship, and such attempts took place," he said.

Sergei Kotov participated in the attack on Zmiinyi Island

Sergei Kotov, according to the intelligence officer, is notable for participating in the attack on Zmiinyi Island along with cruiser Moskva.

"And now it has joined the cruiser in the same fate," Yusov concluded.

Attack on the Russian ship Sergei Kotov

On the night of March 4-5, the special unit of the DI Group 13 attacked the patrol ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Sergei Kotov. As a result of the strike by the maritime drones Magura V5, the Russian project 22160 ship Sergei Kotov suffered damage to the stern, right, and left sides. The attack took place near the Kerch Strait.

RBC-Ukraine compiled everything known about the Russian ship Sergei Kotov.

Destruction of the cruiser Moskva

On April 13, 2022, Ukrainian military forces struck the cruiser Moskva. According to the National Security and Defense Council, only 58 people were saved from the crew of Moskva. Russian TV devoted only 28 seconds in the news broadcast to the report of the alleged fire on the ship.

Moskva was destroyed by two missiles launched from the coastal missile complex Neptune, developed by enterprises of the Ukroboronprom (Ukraine). It is considered the most expensive military loss for Russia in the war against Ukraine, as the residual value of the cruiser was estimated at $750 million.